Confirmed speakers

Gatson Cunningham

General Manager of Sales, FDK Electronics GmbH

Title of his talk:

Exploring possibilities in a Metal-Hydride/air secondary battery


Hailing from the wilds of the Pacific Northwest, Gatson began his journey into the wonderful world of batteries after a series of adventures led him to the island of Awaji (Japan), where he stumbled upon the then-Sanyo Mobile Energy Company, renowned developer of rechargeable energy storage. There he spent time negotiating with a variety of international clients and learned the symphony of components necessary to make a battery.

Towards the end of 2012, after a division, a merger and nearly 16 years in Japan, Gatson was asked to take his efforts to Munich in support of FDK’s European Sales office.

At this year’s Batteries Event he hopes to share with the audience an insight into FDK’s development of an advanced Metal-Hydride/air secondary battery.