Confirmed speakers

Ghislain Rosset

Sales Area Manager for Asian Markets, MARCHANTE

Title of his talk:

UHMW-PE simultaneous bi-axial stretching for high performance Battery Separator Membranes


Graduated from the CNAM (Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers) in 2005 after an Engineering Degree at the Ecole des Mines, Ghislain Rosset has a strong background in the packaging and automotive industries and close to 20-year international sales experience in specialized machinery and industrial equipments.

Today, Mr. Rosset is the Asia Sales Manager for MARCHANTE S.A.S., global designer and supplier of Bi-Axially oriented film production lines based in France, and founded by Mr. Inocente Marchante, pioneer in the Biax industry since 1979.

Mr. Ghislain Rosset is the representative of new stretching technologies such as the MASIM, simultaneous film stretcher patented by MARCHANTE for new film developments: Separator Membranes, LCP, BOPI or PTFE among others, ensuring highly homogeneous properties for all kinds of applications.