Confirmed speakers

Michael Fetcenko

Executive Chairman, Sion Power

Title of his talk:

Next Generation Energy for xEV and Aerospace through Metallic Lithium Anode Batteries


Michael Fetcenko became Executive Chairman for Sion Power in April 2019 after retiring from BASF after 38 years. He was President of Ovonic Battery Company, the inventor of NiMH batteries, when acquired by BASF in 2012. He became Managing Director of BASF Battery Materials, North America before taking on Director of Global Licensing responsibilities. He is an inventor with over 70 patents and 100 publications in the NiMH and Li-Ion field.

He is an expert in patents and licensing, with over 40 NiMH licenses and leading the successful Argonne National Laboratory NCM patent enforcement and licensing effort which resulted in 14 licenses and sub-licenses. He has led R&D, scale-up and commercialization and had P&L responsibilities. His inventions are used in all NiMH batteries for consumer, stationary, and hybrid vehicle applications such as the iconic Toyota Prius with over 10 million vehicles on the road. He has served on the Board of Directors and Technical Steering Committee for Sion Power for 5 years, a leader in advanced ultra-high energy Lithium battery systems including protected metallic lithium anodes for Li-Ion batteries.

He became Chairman and then Executive Chairman in 2019.