Confirmed speakers

Régis Gallard

Sales Manager Automotive, Von Roll

Title of his talk:

Fire protection, insulation and thermal dissipation in Li-Ion batteries


After obtaining his Dipl. Ing. degree in physical chemistry at the FH Munich Regis started his career at VARTA as a Program Manager for Pb/acid batteries. After having worked in the starter motor, generator and traction motor area for major Tier 1 (Bosch, BorgWarner) Regis joined Von Roll Automotive early 2019 as a Sales Manager. In this role he is commercially responsible for insulation solutions to support the e-mobility, focusing on Li-Ion battery, e-motor and induction charging.

Von Roll Automotive product portfolio includes cell spacer with advanced composites, fire protection, SMC battery cover, gap filler, potting for sensor, conformal coating for PCBA, impregnation resin and flexible laminate. Regis lives in the Lyon metropole.