Confirmed speakers

Zhanyu Wu

PHD student, PSL Chimie Paristech

Title of his talk:

Insight into the SEI layer formation on Si thin film electrode by in situ and ex situ spectroscopic analyses


Zhan-Yu Wu is a PhD student from the Physico-Chimie des Surfaces (PCS) group in Chimie Paristech, PSL University. His research focus on analyzing the influences of electrolytes, binders, materials during the SEI formation processes on Si and Li-based anode of Li-ion batteries.

The PCS group studies the relationships between the structure, the chemical composition on the surfaces of different materials by the modern spectroscopic and microscopic methods including XPS, ToF-SIMS, STM and AFM.

He studied his master thesis in Xiamen University, China. His master thesis is about the fabrication of Si-based anode materials and the research of binders on Si anode, Li-rich cathode and Li-S battery.