Our sponsors in 2020

AVICENNE ENERGY provides sustainable and in-depth information for decision-makers in highly innovative and fluctuant industries. This valuable information permits our clients to take the best financial, operational and strategic decisions.

Basically we work in three steps:

  • Analyse status quo
  • Offer operational solutions
  • Present future perspective

All our analysis are based on the crosschecking of data obtained from the whole value chain from raw materials providers to OEM, in order to create valuable and accurate information for decision-makers.

Avicenne Energy

42 avenue de la Grande Armée
75017 Paris – France

Phone: +33 (0)1 44 55 19 90
E-mail: info@avicenne.com
Web: www.avicenne.com

European Commission will be exhibitor to present and answer your questions about « breakthrough and disruptive innovation”.

The EIC (European Innovation Council) supports top-class innovators, entrepreneurs, small companies and researchers with bright ideas and the ambition to scale up internationally.

The EIC represents a unique institution combining an advanced science-and-technology research programme with an accelerator programme for start-ups and SMEs, and for integrating traditional grant support together with a dedicated fund for equity investment.

European Commission

Website: ec.europa.eu

Digatron Power Electronics is an international group of companies with engineering, manufacturing and service facilities located in Germany, the United States, China and India.

Digatron Power Electronics develops and manufactures computer-controlled test and formation equipment for all kinds of batteries, ranging from batteries for mobile phones to automotive batteries to huge submarine batteries. But also for other kinds of electrical energy storage devices like fuel cells, supercaps and hybrid systems Digatron Power Electronics supplies high dynamic test and load simulation systems.

Digatron Power Electronics GmbH

Tempelhofer Straße 12-14
52068 Aachen – Germany
Tel.: +49 241 168 090

E-mail: info@digatron.de
Website: www.digatron.com

With a history of more than 100 years, the company has developed a unique expertise in controlled and regulated environments. Exyte has a truly global footprint, serving the most technically demanding clients in markets such as semiconductors, batteries, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and data centers.

The company offers a full range of services from consulting to the managing of turnkey solutions – delivered to the highest quality and safety standards. Solving the most complex challenges, Exyte forges trusted, long-lasting relationships with its clients.


320 Avenue Archimède
Les Pléïades III, Bât. C
13100 Aix-en-Provence – France
Tel.: +33 (0)4 42 61 26 12

E-mail: info.fr@exyte.net
Website: www.exyte.net

LYON METROPOLE is an administrative authority delivering urban services to a territory with 59 municipalities and a population of 1, 4 million inhabitants. Lyon Métropole is responsible for public services (urban planning, housing, sustainable development and energy, transportation and mobility, economic and social development, road planning and maintenance, water, tourism, services for seniors and the handicapped, sport, culture, education…).

Cleantech is one of the strategic sectors for economic development. Cleantech players include companies working in the chemical, transport, mobility, environmental and energy fields, who are looking to optimise consumption of natural resources and reduce the environmental impact of human activities.

Lyon’s cleantech businesses enjoy a fertile and comprehensive growth and innovation ecosystem, offering unique development and investment opportunities. In synergy with Lyon Métropoles’ energy transition strategy which is driven by the climate and energy plan, the sector can also count on dynamic public-private partnership relations which ensure that R&D conditions are well-adapted to cleantech projects. These are just some of the factors which make the region a destination of excellence for cleantech activity and innovation.

Only Lyon, La Métropole

20 rue du Lac
CS 33569
69505 Lyon Cedex 3, France

Web: www.onlylyon.com

SOLVIONIC is a producer of Ionic Liquids based electrolytes for next generation batteries and supercapacitors. Our portfolio includes liquid and polymer electrolytes that provide the level of safety and performances that cannot be reached by state-of-the-art electrolytes. Our products allow our customers to expand their market share in harsh environment workplaces such as high temperature or space. As part of sustainable chemistry, SOLVIONIC uses an innovative technology which consists in designing chemical processes to use less energy, fewer raw materials, and to generate less waste. Our production facilities and strategy allow fast and reliable scale-up, in order to commit with industrial roadmaps. Our key know-how allows the commercialisation of the highest purity standards of the market.


195 route d’Espagne – BP 1169
31036 Toulouse Cedex 1 – France

Tel: +33 (0)5 34 633 525
Website: www.solvionic.com

Sphere Energy is a company focused on supporting the R&D on energy storage and conversion. We develop innovative products designed for accessing key parameters on different battery technologies and catalysis. Our mission is to advance energy storage by accelerating your research.


250bis Boulevard Saint-Germain
75007 Paris – France

Website: www.sphere-energy.eu

Umicore is a global materials technology and recycling group. It focuses on application areas where its expertise in materials science, chemistry and metallurgy makes a real difference. It generates the majority of its revenues and dedicates most of its R&D efforts to clean mobility materials and recycling.

Umicore Rechargeable Battery Materials is a world leader in the production of cathode materials for Li-ion rechargeable batteries. Our closed loop business model allows us to offer innovative technical solutions and a unique service from the raw material sourcing, over the precursor and the cathode material production to end-of-life battery recycling. Umicore Battery Recycling provides sustainable, high-end recycling solutions for all types of Li-ion and NiMH batteries. It is active worldwide through a network of drop-off points and sales offices on every continent and a state-of-the-art recycling facility in Belgium with a capacity of 7,000 metric tons per year.


Rue du Marais 31
1000 Brussels – Belgium

Website: www.umicore.com

AVL is the world’s largest independent technology partner for the development, simulation and testing of powertrain systems (hybrid, combustion engine, transmission, electric drive, batteries, fuel cell and control technology) for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, construction, large engines and their integration into the vehicle.

The company has decades of experience in the development and optimization of powertrain systems for all industries. As a global technology leader, AVL provides complete and integrated development environments, measurement and test systems as well as state-of-the-art simulation methods.

As a pioneer in the field of innovative solutions, such as diverse electrification strategies for powertrains, AVL is increasingly taking on new tasks in the field of autonomous driving especially on the basis of subjective human sensations (driveability, performance attributes, etc.).

In the competition of technologies – internal combustion engine, battery/electric drive and fuel cell systems – and their combinations, AVL is working intensively and with the same priorities.

AVL has digitized the vehicle development process with state-of-the art and highly scalable IT, software and technology platforms, and creates new customer solutions in the areas of big data, artificial intelligence, simulation and embedded systems in an agile and integrated development environment.

AVL France SAS

2-4 rue Hans List
Espace Claude Monet
78290 Croissy-sur-Seine – France

Phone: +33 1 30 15 75 10
Website: www.avl.com/electrification

BINDER is the world’s largest supplier of simulation chambers for science and industry. Its product range is suitable for both routine applications and demanding work in research and development, production and quality assurance.

With its four subsidiaries and international sales partners, BINDER is represented in 135 countries around the world. All production steps, such as punching, welding and assembly on assembly lines, are carried out directly at BINDER’s sole production site in Tuttlingen, Germany.

This enables BINDER to offer you the highest quality standards. More than 22,000 « made in Germany » units leave the Tuttlingen plant every year. The entire BINDER team offers you expertise and advice to provide you with the best possible support for your applications. With 400 employees worldwide, BINDER achieved sales of almost 74 million euros in 2019.

Binder GmbH

Im Mittleren Ösch 5
D-78532 Tuttlingen – Germany

Website: www.binder-world.com

Bio-Logic is a global leader for high precision potentiostats/galvanostats and multipotentiostats, battery cyclers and electrochemical scanning systems for more than 20 years. We provide integrated EIS systems, either in multi-channels format for battery cyclers or single portable potentiostats. Our leadership in the energy testing is balanced by our ability to explore low current as well for analytics and sensors investigations. Powerful EC-Lab & BT-Lab software platform proposes all kind of electrochemical tests procedure with built in the calculations tools. All our products are developed and designed in Seyssinet-Pariset, France. Bio-Logics skill is dedicated to strong support and relies on our optimized partners distribution network. We invite you to learn more about our BCS range.


4 avenue Vaucanson
38170 Seyssinet-Pariset – France

Tel.: +33 (0)4 76 98 69 09
Website: www.biologic.net

ENTROVIEW is incubated at Grenoble INP in the Gipsa-lab laboratory. It is funded and supported by SATT Linksium Grenoble Alpes.

ENTROVIEW develops a Battery Intelligent System (BIS) which is an additional layer to the BMS, and enables efficient, safe and durable use of the battery.

The BIS offered by ENTROVIEW is based on real time thermodynamic measurements, allowing a more thorough analysis of the battery than with conventional measurements. The solution covers the entire battery life cycle, from the R&D phase through its use to a possible second life.


GIPSA-lab, 11 rue des Mathématiques
Phone: + 33 6 72 83 85 21

Web site: www.linksium.fr/projet/entroview/

HTDS (Hi-TECH DETECTION SYSTEMS) is a company specialized in the distribution and maintenance of high technology detection systems in France and abroad. Our jobs: Consulting / Distribution / Installation / Training course / Maintenance. 

17 years of existence. 250 employees. 30 countries covered. 6 Business units. 


3 rue du Saule Trapu
91300 Massy – France

Phone: +33 (0)1 64 86 28 28
E-mail: contact@htds.fr
Website: www.htds.fr

In-Core Systèmes is a leading technology company, whose expertise is concentrated around imaging systems and optical methods for 100% surface inspection of continuous processes.

The core activity of the company is to design and manufacture automatic surface inspection systems based on line scan cameras, high performance illumination and computer technology with its proprietary process software.

IN-CORE systems is located in Lyon area – France and was created in 1998 by the current directors, Christophe Pallas, Johnny Turkieh and Michel Popovic.


10 Rue Ampère
69680 Chassieu (Lyon) – France

Phone: +33 (0)6 28 45 33 69
Website: www.incore-systemes.com

Maccor was founded in 1986 by a group of electronics and software engineers with experience in the battery industry. Our goal then was to build the finest test equipment available, and to support it comprehensively. This continues to be our goal and our only business today, after over 25 years in operation.

We have thousands of systems in operation, in over 50 countries worldwide. Maccor remains independent, and continues to be operated by the company founders. We are located in company owned facilities in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.

We sell to and support our equipment in North and South America directly from Tulsa. For much of the rest of the world, we sell and support through our representatives. Nearly all of our representatives have been with Maccor for over ten years, and all have substantial, “hands on” experience with our products.

Maccor equipment is used by researchers, manufacturers (production, quality control), and organizations needing to perform detailed evaluation of batteries and other energy storage devices.

We have sold equipment to a high percentage of the leading manufacturing and research organizations worldwide. We have sold equipment to well over half of the startup battery companies formed in the last twenty years.

We are proud that a majority of our sales are to repeat customers. Many of these customers have been filling their equipment needs with Maccor since the 1990’s.


CellCare Technologies Limited
Unit A2 | Airfield Business Park
Harrison Road | Market Harborough
Leicestershire LE16 7UL
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1858 468438
Website: www.maccor.com

NGK Insulators, Ltd., founded in 1919, is a Japan-based company mainly engaged in the provision of ceramic products. NGK was the first in the world to commercialize a NAS® battery system which is characterised by large capacity, high energy density and long life. By storing fluctuating renewable energy such as wind and solar during off-peak times, NAS® batteries safely and efficiently supply reliable power during peak demands. With a capacity of six hours, NAS® batteries are the green alternative to fossil fuel peak plants. NAS® batteries can additionally provide any type of application depending on your needs, like deferral of grid and generation investments, provide on-peak / off-peak price arbitrage, frequency regulation, ramping services, voltage control and other grid functions.


NGK Europe GmbH
Westerbachstrasse 32
61476 Kronberg im Taunus – Germany

Website: www.ngk-insulators.com

ONEJOON GmbH is a Germany based thermal processing equipment manufacturer with locations in Bovenden and Böblingen Germany. ONEJOON recently acquired Eisenmann Thermal Solutions and the new company has a combined 100 years of experience with high temperature equipment used in the Thermal Processing industry.  The combined companies employ approximately 250 people worldwide.

ONEJOON is the technology and market leader for oxidation ovens and carbonization furnaces used in the production of carbon fiber. ONEJOON also has a very strong position in the markets for cathode and anode material production for lithium-ion batteries. Other key target markets include the following:

  • Hardening of blades and saw bands
  • Sintering of metals and ceramics
  • Heat treatment of aluminium wheels and structural parts
  • Powder chemistry and advanced materials

Onejoon GmbH

Leinetal/Auf der Mauer 1
37120 Bovenden – Germany

Website: www.onejoon.de

Precitec is the specialist for laser material processing and optical measuring technology. We are not just a system and component supplier, but also your professional partner for smooth processing. The CHRocodile sensors and probe systems are technology and quality leaders for distance and layer gauge measurement.

Our passion is to make the almost limitless possibilities of our fields of technology available to industry. 3D optical sensor goes e-mobile: with the sharp rise in global demand for electric motors, battery cells, and power electronics in the automotive industry, the need for innovative and efficient 100% inspection solutions is increasing. Precitec offers a wide range of turnkey solutions.


Les carrés du Cengle – Bât. E
Chemin de la Muscatelle
13790 Châteauneuf-le-Rouge – France

Website: www.precitec.com

PowerUp is a CEA-Liten spin-off founded in 2017 dedicated to improving the management and maintenance of Li-ion batteries. Our technology called M.A.P.® is used to provide an accurate diagnosis of the state of health of batteries in real operating conditions and to adapt their charge accordingly thanks to the knowledge of their aging mechanisms. This knowhow is based on ten years of deep tech research and a portfolio of patents and expertise transferred to PowerUp by CEA-Liten.

PowerUp dynamic charge method can double batteries lifetime in their real environment, ensures predictive maintenance and so reduces positively waste of batteries. Our solutions are dedicated to BtoB customers who have economic, reliability and ecological issues and we are now working with French groups and industries as SNCF, EDF, Legrand…


Website: www.PowerUp.xyz

As a Swiss industrial company, Von Roll is a global market leader and manufacturer of electrical and thermal insulation systems and advanced composites.

Thanks to its worldwide presence in 12 production sites with around 1,050 employees, the company supplies customers in over 80 countries.

The Von Roll Automotive team works very closely with various international vehicle manufacturers and research institutes. The latest successes show that Von Roll is well positioned to support large corporations in their electrification strategy. This applies not only to electric motors, but also and especially to the safety of high-voltage storage systems for hybrid and electric vehicles.

Von Roll Automotive GmbH

Theodor-Sachs-Straße 1
86199 Augsburg, Germany
Phone: +49 821 9020

Contact: automotive@vonroll.com
Website: www.vonroll.com

Wildcat Discovery Technologies accelerates the discovery of new materials for energy applications, with a focus on the development of advanced materials for rechargeable and primary batteries. Wildcat’s business also includes collaborative development projects for materials for other applications, including gas storage, carbon capture, thermoelectrics, and structural materials.

Wildcat synthesizes and evaluates thousands of materials every week. To do this, we use proprietary unique-in-the-world high throughput synthesis and testing platforms to rapidly explore thousands of new materials with the goal of improving performance and reducing costs.

Wildcat Discovery Technologies

6255 Ferris Square, Suite A
San Diego, CA 92121 – USA

Tel.: +1 (858) 550-1980
E-mail: info@wildcatdiscovery.com
Website: www.wildcatdiscovery.com

The BRGM is the French Geological Survey Organisation and France’s public reference institution in Earth Science Applications for the sustainable management of surface and subsurface resources (including mineral resources) and risks.

Its programmes focus on scientific research, support to public policy development, safety and monitoring of former mining sites and international cooperation. The BRGM aims to meet key challenges for society, particularly those related to climate change, energy transition and the development of the circular economy. Through its scientific program on Mineral Resources and the Circular Economy, the BRGM works to support the ecological transition towards an efficient, sustainable & responsible management and supply of primary and secondary mineral resources, including recycling solutions.

The BRGM develops observation methods to assess and predict the mineral resources life cycle along industrial value chains. In particular, it undertakes economic intelligence studies (Monitoring and analyses of world metals markets, criticality analyses) and promotes a global vision to allow a more comprehensive understanding of the economic, geopolitical and environmental issues related to the origins and availability of these resources on the markets. Building on geoscience as their core competence, the BRGM teams also develop innovative actions, including improved exploration methods and process development for metal/mineral production and recycling, in order to make mineral resources available in the frame of a more circular economy.


3 avenue Claude-Guillemin
BP 36009
45060 Orléans Cedex 02 – France

Tel.: +33 (0)2 38 64 34 34
Website: www.brgm.eu

ACCESSR is an expert company in the energy storage system: Li-ion battery, Na-ion battery, supercapacitor, etc.

Our goal is to help industrial and academic customers by optimizing the sourcing and the entire supply chain of batteries, battery manufacturing machines and raw materials, as well as by facilitating the international cooperation in this field.

Actually, reseller of MTI Corporation in France, ACCESSR has also numerous others contacts to help you to get the best battery solution.


8 av. Pierre-Gilles de Gennes
81000 Albi – France

Tel.: +33 (0)5 63 76 08 67
Website: www.accessr-energy.eu